The Head Of the Department of Physics Science

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Name: Assist. Prof. Dr. Jundi Khalat Yousif
Position: Head Of Department of Physics Science
Phone: +964 0750 4684566
Research Interests: Nuclear Physics
Bachelor: University of Mosul, 1988
Master: University of Mosul, 1996
PhD: University of Duhok, 2010

About The Department

The Dpartment of Physics was established in 2005. It provides knowledge of physics, Practical and theoretical skills and abilities for the further education and successful employment of our graduates. We prepare the students to be lifelong learners as scientists, teachers, researchers, health care professionals, as well as users and developers of technology. In addition to undergraduate program, the department offers MSc and Split-site PhD. Our missions of teaching and Research strongly complement each other and provide students with an educational experience of very high quality. The department is also actively conducting many projects in collaboration with numerous international universities, research centers and foundations. The research ranges from fundamental topics such as plasma physics, nuclear, and quantum mechanics to the applied area of atomic, molecular physics, medical physics, laser and nanotechnology.  

The Objectives and Outcomes

  • Principle concepts of basic physical phenomena’s and theories in physics.
  • The ability to interpret critically this knowledge and to relate it to other subjects.
  • The ability to develop these skills through research.
  • The ability to collaborate their research to others both within and outside of the field.
  • To achieve this goal the Department must provide a modern and suitable Environment Education and research equipments and facilities for both under- and postgraduate students.

The Department Courses


The Departmnet Staff

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Name: Shamoo Khodeda Ose
Academic Rank: Assist. Professor
Position: Academic staff Member
Mobile: 009647507342186